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Etherium: A "Treasure Planet" RPG's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Etherium: A "Treasure Planet" RPG

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OOC: Etherium the Novel [18 Jun 2004|02:17am]

[ mood | determined ]

While I realize that I am the most pathetic, I do know for a fact that I am not the only one that comes back every few months and reads old Etherium posts and character journals. Even over a year later, after countless other stories, RPG's and characters have taken our attention and time, Etherium still owns a part of us. Something truly magical exists here, in a forgotten dead community in the backwater of one of the busiest blogging sites in the world, and I do not think it is just nostalgia. As a group of writers, we created an imaginative and emotional world that even held the attention of people who were not participants.

I think, properly packaged and presented, it could hold the attention of many more.

It occurred to me today that we had basically written the first portion of a captivating fantasy adventure, and that if someone piteously obsessive and meticulous were to come along and edit it, to smooth it into a real narrative format, it would be alive again. Different, of course, and seriously skewed the way any story is when it changes media--comic to videogame, book to movie, or RPG to novel. I am sure it comes as no surprise that the person who was neurotically cataloguing the posts as they were made is the person who is now hoping to attempt the conversion from freeform roleplaying posts to a comprehensive and coherent narrative story.

Frankly, I am going to do this whether any of you like it or not. That part is not up for discussion, because this project really means something special to me, even if it has to privately live on my hard drive because the owners of the characters object. But the shape, feel, and accessibility of this project will change according to you, the people who invented the characters that wove the webs of plot and social interaction that make Etherium the enchanting creation it is.

If you read to the end of this post and disagree with what I plan on doing, please tell me. I will replace your character with someone who has a similar personality but is most definitely a new person, and work them in as best I can. If you are okay with me using your character in this novel but after reading my intentions you find you have guidelines, please list them. You can either leave a comment here, in my pussinboots account, or you can e-mail me at s.inmanREMOVETHE@CAPITALScomcast.net if it is too private or long for an LJ comment.

And now, what I plan to do with our precious piece of the past.Collapse )

I miss you guys :)


Sän aka Shin-sin-fa-mun.
(Haha, speaking of him...check the main page on my art site. hehe!)

Edit: I am having trouble finding the muns of some of the characters. If you have the current contact info for someone you think I might have missed, by all means, spread the word! That would be excellent. If they do not contact me I will just re-write their character as a matter of course, to avoid potentially pissing them off. 0_o Thanks!

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OOC: What Artemis Unconciously Wishes Would Happen [24 Aug 2003|12:46am]

[ mood | devious ]

After Artemis finished swabbing down the deck one evening, he made his way down to the crew's quarters and sank gratefully down upon his bunk. He felt weary to the core. He pulled off his gloves, rubbing his palms together and cracking his knuckles as he did so. He bent and pulled off his boots, and then took off his belt. He pulled his bandanna off over his ears, and shook out his hair. Suddenly, he felt hands touching his locks, and a voice whisper, "...as soft as I thought it'd be..." He whipped around, startled that there was anyone else in the room.

What he saw surprised him greatly. Shin Sin Fa crouched there on the floor, eyes downcast and cowering a bit, as though he thought that Artemis would hit him. He spoke haltingly, "I'm sorry...I...I just..." and broke off.

"I'm not going to hurt you," said Artemis, softly, "it's alright..." A little warily, Shin moved to sitting on Artemis' bunk, and reached his hand tentatively toward Artemis' face...

Oh, what will happen? XD

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Oh how romantic, PJ and Tag on deck. *snort* [23 Jul 2003|05:12pm]

[ mood | awake ]

On deck, by the rail. The Etherium is still parked on the desert on the planet. PJ & Tag are talking, along with anyone else who joins in.

"Oh, aye," she laughed. "Birds around here are plentiful, but most don't fly much. They're fat and just flap from tree to tree--hardly any come out in the desert, here, where the ship's parked."

She was mentally chewing on Tag's denial of gossiping. She knew better--a man as sharp as that would always listen; he just might not speak. That was a game she knew well, one of the only such 'games' she played. The first mate was still climbing in her esteem--soon he might be as highly regarded as his clean clothes. The thought of a hot, piranha-less bath and actually changing her clothes was the most delicious thought available to her imagination at that moment.

"Would it be prying to ask what manner of venture this ship is undertaking? You've mentioned the young Ärgan lad is a--research scientist," she said, stressing the word slightly, "After a relic, but not what he searches for in particular. It sounds like jolly good fun--I'm interested in all kinds of relics." She pulled a smooth rock out of her pocket and began to roll it around betwixt her fingers. It was almost entirely round--she must have been rolling it a long, long time.

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*finds a dead horse AND RPSTURBATES THE CRAP OUT OF IT* [22 Jul 2003|10:32am]

[ mood | relieved ]

Patches appeared to be delighted by their vessel. She strode around it, fingering things as if she had never seen them before, laughing uproariously at things that weren't funny, and most of all, skillfully laughing off questions about where she had come from and how she had ended up on the planet. The last were so numerous that she had little chance to view the decks at all, at first.

The shorter cat-boy followed and avoided her simultaneously, a curious combination, but when they met eyes a few times she gave him a knowing look, met with a quick blush and an angry scowl. He wouldn't speak except with quick, barely-civil retorts, and mostly tried to pretend that she just happened to be going where he had planned on going. She could practically see him sloppily stitching his pride back together by acting suspicious of her.

The other search parties had come back by now, one of which had been led by a couple of loud young ladies arguing over who had found PJ's domicile first. They eagerly explained how there was someone living on the tiny planet, because they had found a cave with stuff in it! Their story was over and there was an awkward silence before they realized PJ was there. [OOC: Since I'm the only one playing, I am going to sarcastically NPC all ex-characters as I see fit. Nyah.] She laughed gaily, and soon a handful of the younger male crew members joined in (not including the scowling Shin-sin-fa, though he looked as if he wished to).

The first mate, she noticed, stayed aloof, with an impeccably partial-to-disdainful facial expression. She wondered how he managed to make his nose look like it was up in the air when his posture was in fact so fine that his nose could only physically be at the normal angle--not a single piece of him was out of place. She made a point of speaking as maturely and demurely as she knew how when talking to him, to alleviate a bit of his worries, but he regarded her as stiffly as he had before--and in fact, she wasn't sure if he might be that way with everyone. The kitty, also, was not satisfied with her attempts at camaraderie, and regarded her as one would a viper, but she made an effort with each of the other crew members and most of them seemed to be relatively friendly, and much too curious. The Gloor--A'ant'i? She could never remember their damn names--was treated to a long, flattering description of her stay on their fine world, she admired Flint's glorious ship (and his abundance of eyes), and talked technical advancements with Harpy.

As she toured the crew, she realized there was more than one rough character aboard, and lifted an eyebrow momentarily. A stocky woman with a pipe and many cybernetic replacements, including eyes; a rough looking man covered in scars who didn't speak much; a ceremonially scarred Haephestorian who seemed to have the power to disturb the kitty if he looked at him too long... Then there was the kitty himself, and his tall brother with the scarred chest. They were most definitely a straight crew; there was no doubt about it. For one thing, the bloody ship was too clean to be a pirate. But still, it was food for thought. Seeing a knife-collecting cat with old lash marks going up the back of his neck on the same vessel as that rich fop Truax was interesting indeed.

The captain had decreed they stay the night, for most everyone was interested in a short break from the etherium and even The Etherium. They would go back for her things the next day, he assured her, and they could help her gather up some of the native fruits that she had been speaking of to the crew.

Most of the berths in the crew's quarters were taken, and she was more than pleased to find herself above Shin-sin-fa. He scowled at her choice--there were others, but said nothing. Mock-saluting him, which sent him into a further fit of flaming cheeks, she threw her bag up on the mattress and began to fluff her pillow for several minutes longer than could conceivably be necessary.

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Etherium wasn't dead! It was just resting! Vooom! FWEEWEEWEE! [14 Apr 2003|03:04am]

[ mood | cynical ]

A variety of circumstances have led me to believe that I have the right to shove Etherium's plot right up to the point where I can play again. If you disagree (or are just curious what they are) you can find it here.

Even though I'm playing with myself, this IS an open post. I don't WANT to RPsturbate, you know! ;)

Shin-sin-fa had lookout duty for the next few weeks. He had a sneaking suspicion Tag was deliberately avoiding contact with him, and he was grateful. He could just imagine himself slipping and saying "Heut" in front of Pendragon. Sometimes he was a little put out, feeling his skills could be better put to use on more of the rigging than simply the tops'ls and peering out into the etherium, but usually he enjoyed the fact that he was out of the reach of anyone he could possibly piss off.

Besides, he got to play the head-squishing game.

The crew had fallen into a steady routine, and he could practically feel the drama emanating from Iden Truax. People all seemed to react to him strongly, negatively or postively--but usually negatively. Shin-sin-fa had avoided him from the very beginning, with the very wise decision that anyone who was as fussy as Tag was likely to piss him off to no end. After all, there was a limit to luck, especially the feline lad's, and getting along with two fussy men was absolutely impossible. He spent most of his time sitting at his post, wondering why Jamie was so obsessed with the rich lout and wishing he had more wrestling time because he could practically feel his muscles disintegrating as he languished in his wooden cup, high above the decks.

He had actually just finished Tag's 127th head-squish since the ship disembarked from Oberon-V when he saw the planet come into view. At first, no bigger than a shriveled, rusty-colored raisin, he paid it little attention. But when it got close enough for him to realize it was a very tiny planet, he paid it slightly more attention. And when they were close enough for him to read the words printed on the side of it, he was absolutely enthralled.

"Come get me, goddammit, I'm bored as hell" was written in shaky, uneven white lettering across the reddish-orange flatland.

The slender feline alien almost said nothing, because his immediate reaction was to denounce it as a trap. In fact, as he thought on it more and realized what he had to do, and more precisely, what would happen next, he felt his stomach knot up. But there was really nothing for it. Shin-sin-fa was the lookout, not the captain, and ultimatel, he was to report anything of interest to Tag or Flint and let the officers make the decisions, even if they were foolhardy and born of softheartedness.

At least there was Tag to caution Flint--but he had an idea of what the outcome would be anyway. His head brimming with imagined scenes of slaughter and butchery aboard the Etherium and on the soil of the small planet, he slipped down the mast reluctantly and made his way over to the first mate to report his findings.

Tag thanked him with curt formality and sent him back up to the crow's nest before stalking off to notify the captain, who was whistling merrily on the poop deck.

As predicted, Pendragon would not leave some poor soul marooned on such a small and remote planet. Shin-sin-fa found himself hoping the words had been written long, long ago, and that the maker would be nothing but bones. Even better, bones over the top of a chest of unimaginable booty.

I can dream, can't I? he grumbled to himself. It'd be better than getting our throats slit.

* * *

The RLS Etherium landed on the very edge of the dusty desert where the words had been written. The planet was so tiny it was almost unbelievable that it supported its own ecosystem, but there it was: a lush, dense rainforest stretching along north to south just a few hundred yards from the resting spaceship.

Captain Flint arranged teams of people to go and people to stay, but Shin-sin-fa had slipped off of the ship within the first few seconds post-landing. He was going on a reconaissance mission, and nothing and no one was going to interfere. He knew it was wrong, but what he knew even more was that it was foolish for him to remain where he might be captured or killed. If he were free, with all his knowledge of pirate tricks and conventions, as well as his feline stealth and strengths, he was much more likely to be able to save the others were they to land in trouble. He wasn't sure what Pendragon would do to him when he got caught, but he flattened his ears and took a deep breath and convinced himself that if he wasn't being whipped it couldn't be so bad...and besides, maybe by some stroke of good fortune, Flint would understand or approve.

Or maybe I'm going to grow a tail like Anthony, he thought wryly, and slunk off into the bushes to devour terrain at the most cautious pace he could afford while locating and exposing all the secrets the planet had to offer.
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ADMIN - It's been fun, guys. [22 Mar 2003|04:54pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Due to loss of interest on all sides, lack of coherent plot, and loss of almost half of the characters, I will be deleting etherium. If anyone wants to keep it going, please let me know within the next few days. For more Treasure Planet-esque roleplaying, there is etherium_aside, port_obscura, and our sister site the other Etherium. I'm very sorry about this, I know some of you had dangling plots and/or characters you wanted to continue playing.

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[20 Mar 2003|01:55pm]

Sorry for sounding so weird in that last post. Basically I am just curious as to what's up with the RPing status...I really want to continue but i am rather disconserted...
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How come.... [20 Mar 2003|01:51pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I don't get invited to chats any more? Also i thought we were going to continue to RP...what happened? Last night i read something by jamie_solaris about some people RPing and i was wondering why i didn't know where or that we were continuing to RP?

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ADMIN - Just wondering... [09 Mar 2003|09:28pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm wondering if you all are still interested in keeping Etherium going. It's been very quiet lately - partly my fault, I know - and our various plots seem to have been thrown out of whack. I'm considering closing the community - there is still etherium_aside for roleplaying, but if you want etherium to stay open, just leave a comment with your thoughts. Another option I'm considering is changing to a broader format - to not be locked in to one ship, I mean. We could have the remaining characters "get off at the next port" and go their seperate ways, and pursue plot lines together when it is convenient for the muns involved. I want to hear your thoughts!

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Saying... goodbye. [07 Mar 2003|05:53pm]

Jamie was sitting on the rigging when the ship roared up behind them jetting forward to a place where he could see what was going on. in the distance a small fast clipper paced them its transmission bidding them to stop. The imperial flag waving above.

The long boat that came across to the etherium and leveled out hosted a sailor and not to unexpectedly Sirrus Argen His hair whipping aginst his face blue eyes thundering.

Jamie shifted he never had liked this man not then... not now but when he jumped aboard the ship Jamie skittered down to see what it was all about. He grabbed hold of jamies shoulder and nearly barked at him to find Iden. Something about the way the man acted... he wasn't going to question it.

Jamie ran like hell up the stairs his fist hammering on Idens door.

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The ship is launched... [01 Mar 2003|02:32pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

OOC - Sorry for the brevity of this post - and the general absence of my character lately. I was supposed to get my new computer today, but it is currently suffering from hardware failure, so I will continue being sporadically present for the next few days (hopefully not more than three). You all can "play" Pendragon a bit when and if it is needed.

The launch went off without a hitch, and the RLS Etherium was smoothly sailing along. The etherium was rich with wildlife today - manta birds floating along in its wake, and even a distant pod of whales echoing their song into space. Pendragon looked at the whales half-suspiciously - they better not have left us any 'presents', he thought - but soon recovered his smile.

"Take us out of the Oberon system, Ignatious," he said to the helmsman, "we're headed to the Tau-Chaos galaxy." Ignatious had been informed of their destination earlier, for sure, but Pendragon just liked the sound of it. He walked around, inspecting various crew members at their jobs. All seemed peaceful, but he knew it couldn't last. In just a few days they would be nearing the Chaos Strait, whose whirlpool of solar tides had given its name to the Tau-Chaos galaxy. He had ridden it before, with Captain Hynes, and while it could be an intense, almost enjoyable experience, everyone would need to be at their sharpest to make sure the ship wasn't ripped off course by the tides.

That, and the chance of piratical attacks that was always present in less-policed sections of the universe, kept his happiness from being complete. But while the calm lasted, he meant to enjoy it.

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Friday morning - Let it Roll, Baby, Roll [27 Feb 2003|10:28am]

[ mood | giddy ]

Heut slipped his hands behind his back, and looked over the deck of the ship. Iden was aboard, the crew was back on, and they were waiting for Pendragon's order to leave now, only. He himself was back in uniform, and quite comfortable in it, even with the piercings in him - the navy pants a new addition, instead of his usual stockings and breeches. A little less conventional, but his ankles wouldn't get cold this way, at least, where they were going.

If he'd heard the captain right. Fates knew that he wasn't looking forward to going back there. The fewer places they went where he'd killed people the happier he'd be.

He mentally ticked off the names of the people who were going on the voyage, and who'd arrived thus far, looking at them in turn as he went. Other than Crash, who'd be in charge of getting the engines revved up, the rest of them were on deck, seeing to last minute tie downs and rigging checks.

There was Ignatious, standing near the helm, chatting with a large man with scars on his face who was apparently named Grendel, the ratlike creature known as "Itchy" who was giving Shin some apprehensive looks, and Otto completing that little group, pushing his messy hair out of his face yet again, hauling a length of rope across the planks. Over near the railing Anthony was speaking with Jamie and Kida, Harpy looking as happy as a shark in a kiddy pool near them, her second set of hands folded over her stomach, her two birds sitting up on the crow's nest near Shin, who was playing at some sort of game involving the First Mate's head and pinching his fingers together. Heut gave him a puzzled look.

Vivien was going over more rope with the help of Xan and Sen, the three of them making sure that the auxiliary sails were going to be deployed correctly just in case they had to slow down without the help of the ship's dampening brakes. Artemis and Iden rounded out the rest of the crew, the two of them milling about, and Heut gave a slow smile at seeing them all productive. Iden would get a fine taste of spacing life tonight - he was going to be helping to swab the decks, if the look on his face was any indication of just how clean he thought the ship was.

Sirrus was watching them all like a hawk from the edge of the port, and would likely stand there for long after the ship had left. Tag wouldn't be surprised if the man hired Harrick to follow them - his brother would likely do it, too, just to play tag your it with Ignatious and the two ships. The Etherium could never catch the Jathe, not even with the new engines, but Ignatious could definitely outmaneuver the only barely competent steering of Harrick. Bidgete had chosen to stay in Oberon and catch the next of her father's ships, leaving Heut with yet another suitcase full of things he'd yet to go through, knick knacks from across the universe.

Heut looked towards the Captain's quarters, waiting for Flint's emergence, and the launching of the ship.

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Looking for Grendel... [26 Feb 2003|10:59pm]

Later Thursday Evening...

Ignatious walked off the Etherium, it looked like it was leaving soon and he had to collect his things.

He checked out of the hotel and started dragging his belongings back to the ship. As he walked back down the streets he spotted a familiar figure; Grendel. He smirked as he snuck up on the larger man, he got right up behind him and said in a rather loud voice, "Hey, Grendel!" Gren cursed and spun around, he had been putting mustard on some "meat on a stick" and gotten in on the front of his shirt. Ignatious chuckled and said mockingly, "Oh, I'm sorry bout that. Did I startle you?" Gren didn't seem quite as amused.
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The Metra-gnome [26 Feb 2003|02:21pm]

((Ooohkay... so.. the ship has to launch we all know the truth of it. I'm going to start up a galley post and see if we can't get everyone back on the ship. I'll account for all of mine and hopefully we can get this popstand a movin' *smile*))

Jamie walked up on to the deck and looked around. The workers were all gone now and sirrus altho as tight lipped as he may have been had given his seal of approval even going so far as to have a guilded ship plaque installed for good luck.

The last few nights he had had met up with several of the new crew and gotten a hair cut. in the huge pockets of his fathers over sized coat was the small book of plays and in a hard case the glasses that tag had given him. They meant alot and not just the fact he could read now with out blaring headaches. His journal was safte in his bunk and he had gotten the rest of the things.

Read more...Collapse )
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Ignatious returns to the Etherium... Thursday evening. [24 Feb 2003|11:15pm]

After waking up in his crowded hotel room Ignatious had spent the day walking and talking with Kivara. She had a calming effect on him. At the end of the day she had convinced him that being on the Etherium wouldn't be such a bad thing. After all he had become closer with a lot of the crew during this trip into port, with Pendragon in the cafe, Shin-sin-fa in a drunken wrestling match, Otto and this new girl, Vivien at the night club. It wasn't too bad, Ignatious could handle things a little better now that he had confided in someone and spent some time clearing his head.

He figured that this ship would put his tolerance levels to the test, not to mention he had promised to show Jamie how to steer the ship. Kivara said it would build character - but then she also said that Otto and Ignatious would make a cute couple. He decided that she was right - for the first part anyway, and he headed back to the ship. He was surprised to see how much had been done to it in the past few days, it looked almost like a new ship. He headed up on deck and took a quick look around the newly renovated ship, he was also keeping an eye out for Pendragon - he needed to have words with the captain. One thing Ignatious found weird was that they weren't carrying any cargo, the hold was pretty much empty. How odd... Ignatious kept moving, he was starting to wonder if Pendragon was even on the ship.
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Itchy get's his fuzzy butt on the ship! [23 Feb 2003|03:24pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

(OOC - Anyone can join in... I'm just getting the fuzzy one on the ship while I try to do homework. It's Thursday, Late afternoon.)

Itchy stood on the dock and waved good bye to his parents as their ship was pulling out of port. Anni and James waved back to their son and nibbled each other.

Itchy stopped waving and scratched at his forearm, he looked down at his luggage and sighed. His parents had been in such a hurry to go on their "second honeymoon" that they hadn't stayed to help Itchy drag the two large trunks of equipment and personal belongings to the Etherium. Fortunately for Itchy one of the large chests had wheels - they may not have spun like they should have but they where better than nothing. So Itchy dragged the two large trunks through the street, straining as the wheels snagged on cracks in the pavement and other small objects that where laying in the street.

He knew where the Etherium was, Pendragon had shown him around the ship not too long ago. He hadn't met any of the crew yet, and he was nervous that they wouldn't like him. He paused to look at the Etherium from the docks before dragging his equipment aboard, it was quite an impressive ship. He noticed that he had been scratching his arm again and stopped, he painstakingly started to drag his belonging on to the ship, struggling with the unwieldy weight. Just before he got his things on the deck they snagged on something. Itchy pulled hard but it didn't budge, he nimbly darted over his things and tried to push. The trunk finally came loose and plunked on to the deck, Itchy as well landed on his bottom with a soft thud. He squeaked to himself and gave the trunk a dirty look. Just then he noticed a shadow fall over him, he looked up to see who or what it was.

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Gathering the lost sheep... [19 Feb 2003|11:23pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

OOC - I'm just putting this post here because we need to get out of port soon. I will be on sporadically in the next few days, but replies will get replied to! Also, I am assuming that Pendragon has met the new crew, because he wouldn't let strangers wander on his ship. Sorry for my absences - once I get my new computer you'll be seeing a lot more of me.

Thursday, late afternoon

Pendragon had been absorbed these last few days by the renovations being done on his precious ship. He had followed the workers around, a slight look of pain on his face, making sure they didn't bang up his baby too badly. He knew he should have probably had made repairs on the patchwork ship before, but he hated the idea of repairmen looting around in the innards of the Etherium. It was a stupid, oversensitive thing, he knew, but something that had been hard to shake. The flurry of new crew and departing of old had come almost unnoticed - as much as he appreciated his crew, he hadn't lived with them for the better part of two decades.

Now, the renovations were finally starting to come to an end, and the specter of departure loomed closer than ever. He would have to begin the gathering of his crew - probably scattered halfway across the planet by now. He wondered where his first mate had gone...or anyone, really. The first crew member he would see would be put to work gathering up their wayward fellows. Passing a worker, Pendragon yelled at him to be careful with the antique clock he was moving. Dear lord, but he would be glad to have these workmen out from underfoot. Although the ship was looking a lot more...well, shipshape.

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Sha Sha ... Sha Dooooo [19 Feb 2003|02:08pm]

Thursday Early Afternoon

(OOC - This is a post for anyone to join in on. I won't be here again for a while, work is hobbiting me away, but Otter has full permission to play Iden and she will, as well as playing Sirrus. GO HER! *strikes cheerleader pose* Ahem, so anyway. If you haven't met them yet, join in. If you have, join in. If you're bored...JOIN IN. Get it? ;P )

Iden woke early on Thursday morning, rolling himself out of the cocoon of sheets he'd managed to create the night prior. Today was moving day, which meant that the ship would launch soon. Very soon.

He set to work, folding his clothing into suitcases, and putting all other belongings and personal effects safely inside as well. He really had too many things to bring aboard, but still not so much as one might think a man like him would have.

Once everything was in place and ready to go, Sirrus came and aided Iden in the transport of the items to The Etherium. It only took one trip, both of them lugging two suitcases a piece, because Iden did not believe they should hire anyone to do it for them. They were perfectly capable of it themselves.

Un-packing would be the difficult part, but Iden would get to that later. The two of them trudged through the streets of Oberon V silently, Iden still pouting like a child over Sirrus' accusations the other night, at least some of the time. He wasn't a complete child, but sometimes, he just couldn't help it.

When they reached the ship, the deck was buzzing with workers putting on finishing touches, and below the deck, members of the crew aided the workers in finishing up the new and improved galley. Everything was near completion, and pleasing, to say the least.
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Its alive.... [19 Feb 2003|12:08am]


Waking up in an empty hotel room, Vivien cringed. How late did I sleep? Must have been way longer then I planned if everyone is already gone. Crawling out of bed, dropping the bloodied towel on the floor, she headed for the bathroom. Half her face looked slightly swollen, more so around her eye. The cut along her face was smeared with blood it probably had needed stitches, to late for that now.
Peeling her clothes off she decided to take a shower, wasn't her hotel room but she figured Ignatious wouldn't mind and it would probably be her last chance to take one for awhile. Setting her clothes on the floor she laughed glad I wore the red tank top She winced, cutting her laugh short, and looked at her side in the mirror.
Her side and stomach were covered in bruises giving her skin a look of color. She didn't know how extent the damage went. Prodding at her side she grimaced when she touched an extremely sensitive spot. Damn you, you better not be broken.
Turning on the shower hotter then she normally liked it Vivien climbed in closing her eyes and leaning against the wall. The water poured down her and she relaxed feeling, if for just a moment, that she was in no pain. Sighing she pulled herself out of her relaxed state and began the process of scrubbing the blood out of her hair and body.
Exiting the shower she grabbed her clothes and threw them back on, being careful to not bump her side. Looking in the mirror she noticed the cut had reopen, must have been when she scrubbed her face. Sitting on the edge of the counter she put pressure on it with a towel until the bleeding slowed and finally began to clot.
Walking back out into the main room Vivien straightened the place up a bit and put on her shoes and gloves. Wishing she had her glasses she headed out into the very bright port.
Walking as quickly as she could she tried to avoid crowds, she knew she still looked like she had been run over.She didnt know where she was headed, the ship or maybe to get new glasses. She should go see a doctor but that was one of the last things she wanted to do.

OOC: Open to anyone...me just being bored ;)
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Of course you know...this means war [18 Feb 2003|06:10pm]

[ mood | devious ]

*deleted per request*

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